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About Syntonic Systems

SSI employs a fully trained, professional, multi-disciplinary staff with many years of experience in all phases of:

  • Computer Programming

  • Systems Analysis and Design

  • Installation and Conversion

  • Office Automation Systems

  • Claims Processing

  • Contribution, Pension, Annuity and 401K Administration

  • On-site training and on-going support

  • Accounting / Auditing

  • Facilities Management Services

  • Third Party Administration

  • Web Site Development and Support

SSI is fully knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of Benefit Fund Office Administration.

Fund record keeping - Employer contributions, membership eligibility for health, pension, annuity, vacation and legal.

Claims processing - Integrated Claims Editing including automatic rebundling, Tracking, utilization statistics, checks and EOB's, management and cost containment reports.

Full compliance with HIPAA EDI and HIPAA Privacy and Security Standards.

ERISA record keeping and reporting

Union Office procedures - dues, per capita reports, contract activity reports, business agent reports, statistics, work history, etc.

SSI provides accounting support in the design of auditable, documented systems and procedures.

SSI support includes the establishment of quality control, audit trail, back-up and recovery procedures and general management controls, as well as disaster recovery and business continuity services.

In addition, SSI is geared to support you on a "turnkey" overall basis both for initial guidance and implementation as well as for on-going support and maintenance.

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